CORPScamp Santa Monica

As many of you know I am sidelined with a broken femur.  You can read about it here.  I had a huge season of climbing planned for 2014.  There is no time to morn for what could have been this season!  NO!  Instead of riding I will support great events that I truly believe in.  I and the REV Cycling organization endorse the AdventureCORPS events.

One such event is currently accepting camp participants.  CORPScamp Santa Monica will be held Feb 24-27 (Monday-Thursday).  Here is a description from the AdventureCORPS site:

“The latest, greatest edition of CORPScamp features four days of SAG-supported, one-of-a-kind cycling in and around the Santa Monica Mountains. We’ve been cycling regularly here since 1994 and we never tire of sharing one of the world’s most dramatic, inspiring, and invigorating landscapes.

CORPScamp Santa Monica Mountains features a specific route each day, with route sheets, support vehicle on the course, and two or more ride leaders. Most routes feature various distance options, too. Each afternoon at CORPScamp features “The Yoga Social” with a rejuvenating yoga class taught by your co-host, a fellow cyclist and life-long fitness professional: Laurie Kostman. CORPSyoga is designed for all camp participants, regardless of yoga background, or lack thereof, and is designed to help each camper unwind, accelerate recovery for the next day’s adventure, minimize the chance of injury, and rejuvenate and restore energy balance. Social time before and after the actual yoga class gives everyone a chance to swap stories while enjoying herbal tea. The camp also includes two group dinners. Every activity is optional, though; campers are free to “check out any time you like” if they want a break, extra rest, or private time.”

I have attended CORPScamps before and I can personally vouch for the quality of the support, route selection and general atmosphere.  This camp will include some of the best riding in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I’ve ridden many of the climbs but never with full SAG support.  The weather should be moderate.  Southern California has a had an unseasonably warm winter.  Click here is a post of the Death Valley CORPScamp.

If you can get away for a week of riding I strongly recommend you attend CORPScamp Santa Monica.  I hope to see you there.  I will be providing support during the camp.  Come up and introduce yourself.  You can begin your registration process here


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