Borrego Springs Century

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Lori and I did the  Borrego Springs Century on the tandem.  We made a couple of wrong turns and we had doubts and indecision a couple more times.  With the out and backs and U-turns I think this course could have been more visibly marked.

I apologize I couldn’t get my SPOT Transmitter up and running.  I think it needs fresh batteries.  That’s my fault for not planning ahead.  Most every thing I have has rechargeable batteries and the SPOT is something I have to keep premium Lithium batteries on hand.

Here are some of my graphs.  I hope people searching for information on this ride for next year stumble upon my blog.

This event provided Lori and I with a very good endurance training ride.  We left at 8:14 am which was 14 minutes after the start of the main pack and spent all day chasing.  It was fun doing my time splits at each U-turn.  By the second loop (last 30 miles) we caught the remnants of the lead group and finished with them.  Michael Connor was one of the two riders we finished with.  Michael recognized me and thanked me for my thorough blog.  Seems he has read my blog and done a few of my epic climbing rides of Hwy 395, namely Onion Valley Road and Whitney Portal.

There were only a few stops signs and no traffic lights that I remember.  Vehicular traffic was low as well.  We did the event non-stop and without refueling.  It’s a shame that we pay for the support on these century rides and don’t use it lol!  We were self-sufficient with six hours of fuel onboard and five water bottles on the “Treno Blu” – blue train in Italian.  Lori and I did the 99.68 miles in wait for it… 5:08!  I just can’t get away from that number!!

The volunteers were so very nice.  Thank you for the great event.  We’ll be back next year!

Lori Hoechlin + George “Red Eyed Vireo” Vargas at the finish of Borrego Springs Century

Stay tuned for more details…

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