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Today I went out for a tempo ride with hard efforts on the rollers.  There is a Strava segment on the way home.  It’s actually the last hill of the ride for me.  I felt pretty good so I went for it.  My previous best on this hill was 1:38 so when I looked at my Garmin and saw 1:26 I knew I had set a PR and thought I had actually scored a KOM as well.  The time I had been chasing was 1:33 and I knew I had beat it.  But wouldn’t you know it on the same day that I set the KOM another rider beat it.

Since I have blog followers who train with power I thought I would put up a graph and just highlight a few things.  I’m proud of my little PR moment especially since it came a day after a 5 hour century effort yesterday on the tandem.

1.  Total Time of Effort — 1:25

2.  Average watts for the effort — 457 watts or 6.38 w/kg

3.  The two yellow dotted lines– 500 watts and 600 watts

4.  Average Cadence- 91 RPM

5. Max Cadence- 104 RPM

6. Breaking the effort in 3 parts

A. 1st 28 seconds Average Power — 396 watts or 5.53 w/kg

B.  2nd 28 Seconds Average Power — 491 watts or 6.85 w/kg

C. 3rd 28 seconds Average Power — 552 watts or 7.70 w/kg

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