REV Endurance Cycling Team/Club Update- Clothing

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I met today with my friend, Todd Brown of Go Todd Brown.  We discussed a few basic designs for REV Endurance Cycling team clothing.  I have worked with Todd on other projects for my bike shop and he was the first person I thought of for my personal team clothing.  Along with my team kit Todd can also do so many other branded items like T-Shirts, License plate frames, hats, cups etc…I feel fortunate to have him in my circle of business partners. He understands the needs of endurance cycling as a multiple Leadville MTB finisher.  And he’s a great guy too! Give him a jingle if you need something– anything custom!

In our discussion I mentioned to Todd that one of my pet peeves with team kits is the placement of the jersey pockets.  In most team kits I find the pockets are too high up on the back making it more difficult than it has to be to access them while riding.  Furthermore, the pockets are so small it’s a joke if you think you are carrying anything more than a gel packet in them.  Ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but as endurance cyclists we need to have the option to carry significant amounts of nutrition with us on our long training rides.

I am also opting for the highest end chamois for the bib short.  I find most team kits are designed with the criterium and road racer in mind.  Criteriums last about 1.5 hours, at the Pro level, while most road racing are fewer than five hours.  As an endurance cyclist we need shorts that hold up for at least 6-8 hours on a century and 12-17 hours on a double century.  This adds to the cost of the kit but I prefer my clients and friends to be comfy 😉

These are the details that I am paying attention to as I create my own – our own endurance cycling team/club.  I will have mock-ups by next week and will post them here for your feedback.  The goal is to pre-sell the first batch.  The larger the order the lower the cost per unit- basic custom economics 😉   I’d like to do a small order of 30 kits.  As soon as I have things set up I will be taking pre-orders from you.  My intent is that the designs will be refreshed semi-annually.  Todd assures me that  his team can change directions quickly and offer me different looks over time.  So if you like the style buy two because they will change slightly.

I have other things in the works that I will pass along as soon as they are formalized. One thing in particular is the relaunch of my coaching business.  I have coached triathletes and cyclists for years but over the last three years I have really cut back on clients as I pursued my personal goals.  But this year I am looking for 10 select individuals to train through the 2013 season.  Your base training for your 2013 season should be well underway.  If you are interested in a personalized endurance focused coaching program contact me straightaway

Stay tuned for more details…


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