AdventureCORPS Fall Death Valley Ultra Century Plus

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Just a quick post.  I completed the AdventureCORPS Fall Death Valley Ultra Century (144 miles) with a few extra miles for good measure.  My ride was 157 miles.  The only section I cut out was the flat section from the Nevada state line to Hwy 95 turn around.  I rode all the climbs which was important to me.

I had a different type of ride.  I’ll explain more on my race report.  I took two hours off the bike and enjoyed the scenery.  I talked to riders and took pictures.  At the finish line I hung out for hours talking to riders and volunteers.  I was surprised to hear from so many riders that they had been reading my blog.  I have renewed motivation to post more often to my blog since someone out there is actually reading it 😉  Please post a comment, suggestion or question- this blog is interactive and I will respond and if necessary write a post on a requested topic.

You can find my ride file at Garmin Connect here


5 thoughts on “AdventureCORPS Fall Death Valley Ultra Century Plus

  1. Hey George,
    I was so glad you joined our group, it was great to ride with you. I’m glad we had a chance to talk afterwards too. Keep up your awesome blog, I hope to ride with you again down the road!

    • Hello Rob,

      Thank you for reading my blog and introducing yourself to me at the event. It is very cool to meet people that read my blog. I sometimes wonder if anyone IS reading my blog.

      I was happy to join your paceline. You were the only one who I felt comfortable and safe following. We will hook up again I’m sure. I hope to be at the Spring Death Valley Double Century if work permits.

      george “Red Eyed Vireo” vargas
      Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

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