Fall Death Valley Double Century Eve

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Hello everyone, I’m back in Death Valley.  I’m here to do the AdventureCORPS Fall Death Valley Double Century.  I like doing the Double Centuries because I am able  to see this marvelous place.  During the Furnace Creek 508 it’s usually night time as I ride through the valley.  It’s been suggested to me that since the tail-end of my season has been a bust that maybe I should take it a little easier and enjoy the sights.  I might just do that.

I will be using my SPOT Transmitter again.  I found out after the 2012 Furnace Creek 508 that my readers were not able to properly track me during the event.  I have been in touch with SPOT and they assure me that tomorrow you will be able to track me just fine.  So we will try it again.  Track me by clicking here

I’ll check in when I’m finished.


1 thought on “Fall Death Valley Double Century Eve

  1. Good luck. Yes indeed, enjoy yourself and count your blessings. Especially the stars at night. I can’t wait to get back and see them again.

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