2012 Furnace Creek 508 – Reports and Analysis

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I am working on a couple posts at the same time.  As I struggle with the creativity of one post I turn to the more technical post and vice-versa.   One post takes my year in review while the other is a detailed analysis of my 2012 Furnace Creek 508 experience.  Be patient, each post will be thorough and complete by the time they are published.


8 thoughts on “2012 Furnace Creek 508 – Reports and Analysis

  1. George – your humility and courage is an inspiration. As a novice cyclist I read your blog for inspiration for what I consider big challenges. The fact you even attempt this event is amazing. We all look forward to your report and are glad to learn you are not some cyborg from the future.

    • Michael,

      Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to make a comment. How did you hook up with my blog?

      I appreciate your comments on me being an inspiration to you. I guess I don’t see it that way. I just see it as riding my bike and challenging myself.

      What “big challenges” are you preparing for?

      And I’m definitely “not some cyborg from the future” lol. Trust me these events really destroy me. I suffer just as much as the next guy/gal.

      george “Red Eyed Vireo” vargas
      Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

      • George,

        I found your blog when searching the net for reviews on the Cannondale Supersix EVO. I enjoyed your detailed review and ultimately bought the bike (and I love it).

        In August, I finished the Copper triangle ride – about 70 miles and 7000 ft of climbing. The ride went well (despite the soarness and pain…). and I’m considering taking on a bigger challenge – the Vino Fondo – 133 miles and 10,000 ft. of climbing. There must be something wrong with me but I love to climb and love to train (and, like you, i have a full time job and kids…). I always assumed elite athletes did nothing else but train.

        Looking forward to reading about your year in review and next adventure! Thanks again for sharing.


  2. Come what may, you are an inspiration. From your training rides that you post to your races. Keeps me looking forward to the next time I ride. Always forward, never back.


      • “Up one more time than down”.

        That was a serious year. I don’t know how I would handle similar adversity. But, I appreciate you opening the book and letting us have a read. I would like to think it can help another, even myself, if the chips fell that way.


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