2012 Furnace Creek 508 – DNF

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I DNF’d the 2012 Furnace Creek 508.  I shall tell you more about my experience in due time.

Thank you for all your comments, emails, text messages and Facebook messengers during the race.  Trust me they helped to keep me going.  I’m sorry I disappointed you.


7 thoughts on “2012 Furnace Creek 508 – DNF

  1. No disappointment here George. You went out there and attempted it even knowing that you hadn’t been able to train properly. That’s courage…and very inspirational. So it turns out you are actually a human…who knew?! I’d be willing to bet that this one will be every bit as meaningful in your life as were the other 7.

  2. George, Sorry to hear…I was surprised to see you in Death Valley…your crew looked dazed and confused as I rode by and you obviously were trying to get it back together…I figured you were probably sick. Happens to us all and I’m sure you will crush it as revenge next year!!! See you out there…Frostbite SEAL.

      • The reason I was surprised was you’d normally be so far ahead of me, I’d only see you at the start and at breakfast on Monday…LOL! I guess everyone expects you to crush it year after year. Your crew, no doubt, was fantastic; I just think they were as surprised as me to see that you’re human too.

        • Michael,

          What is your totem? I’m not THAT fast. I do better at double centuries than I do at the 508. I think part of the pressure I put on myself is that everyone expects that I will do well at the 508 and that I won’t DNF. But the reality is I just as human as they are. I suffer and many times I consider DNF’ing just like they do but this time I just didn’t want it enough.

          george “Red Eyed Vireo” vargas
          Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame

          • George, I’m “Frostbite SEAL”. I have never DNF’d anything before last year’s 508…a life-time adventure..Ironmans, marathons, ultra marathons…it was one tough event with “terminal” saddle-sores.
            This year’s event was awesome, tough, and fun. The 508 finish line this year was a great relief…to get that monkey off my back. I love these ultra adventures, but I have a problem asking folks to follow me around for 48 hours though. Seems such a self-centered thing…I’m struggling with that part of this ultra endurance thing.

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