CCSD – Cycling Camps San Diego Day 2

Day 2 was scheduled to be 68 miles with 4,000 feet of gain

Actual 90 miles and 6,600 feet of gain. (I added Tioga Pass since we were “so close”)

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We stopped to refuel at famous gourmet eatery the Whoa Nelli Deli on the outskirts of  Lee Vining.  I am remiss that I didn’t sample the acclaimed cuisine but there was a 12 mile climb just ahead.

I had a good day on the bike today. I took a longer time to warm-up and went easier than the other riders on the first climb of the day.  Considering today was day three for me riding at altitude I felt fine. I kept my effort at low to medium intensity and prevented any of my typical surges and sprints over rollers and summits.

Tioga Pass climb was a toughie. It is 12.3 miles from Hwy 395 to Yosemite Park entrance. The first 3.5 miles or so are fairly easy but with 8.5 miles to go it kicks up and stays at over 8% for about six miles.The climb then rolls through a few vista points and the Tioga Pass Resort and then kicks up one last time to the Yosemite Park entrance. Tioga Pass ranks #4 as the highest elevation attained in California (paved road climbs).  On Day 3 of CCSD camp I will do Mosquito Flat, which I have climbed multiple times before.  Day 4 I will do White Mountain which I have also done many times before. Read about California’s 10 toughest climbs here

Highest Elevation Attained:

1) Mosquito Flat – 10,220 feet
2) White Mountain – 10,152 feet
3) Horseshoe Meadows – 10,034 feet DONE 6/10/10!!
4) Tioga Pass – 9,945 feet DONE 7/27/12!!
5) South Lake – 9,852 feet
6) Sonora Pass – 9,624 feet
7) Kaiser Pass – 9,184 feet
8) Onion Valley – 9,163 feet — DONE 6/10/10!!
9) Lake Sabrina – 9,141 feet
10) Sherman Pass – 9,126 feet


The return was tough because I didn’t have any fuel with me for the last 32 miles– when you need it the most. I had two bottles of water a few climbs and headwind to battle to get back to Mammoth Lakes.

Tioga Pass Climb Analysis – at altitude and a tough middle section you will be surprised how hard this 4.7% avg grade climb will feel.  It tops out at 9,945 feet!



Listening to pre-ride briefing by Rob Panzera




June Lake

June Lake – at an elevation of 7654 feet (2333 m) The population was 629 at the 2010 census. In the Summer that can grow by 2500 visitors

Silver Lake- SAG stop wonderfully supported by CCSD

Silver Lake General Store

Tioga Pass looking East

My friend Susan

Ok random picture but how many of you grew up with this type of sink?  I did!  I remember growing up in the 60’s and seeing these split sinks everywhere!

A Seagull at Mono Lake may seem like an odd sight 250 miles from the coast but there is actually a reason from them being there. Read below.

Of these five birds, the best known is the California Gull. Some people are surprised to find a “seagull” in this area of mountains and deserts, but the California Gull depends upon Mono Lake to offer food and safe nesting and mating areas. Each spring about 50,000 gulls (approximately 85 percent of the California breeding population) fly to Mono Lake and feed along the shoreline, and bathe and drink at the freshwater inlets. Alkali flies and brine shrimp form their main food supply. The gulls that one sees at Mono Lake early in the summer are the adults in the familiar black, white, and gray plumage. They will mate, select a nest site, and lay their eggs by mid-May. The eggs will hatch by mid-June and by late July the gray-brown fledglings will begin crossing the lake to feed on their own. By early fall, most will have migrated back to the coast. The young will not return to Mono Lake until they reach maturity in four years.

Read more:


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