Crestline Climbing Day

I spent Thursday afternoon (010512) in the Crestline area visiting a friend.  I began my ride in Crestline and descended down Hwy 18 to San Bernadino.  I then climbed about 2 miles on Hwy 18 until I turned right onto Old Waterman Canyon Rd.  I had a really hard day of climbing. I never felt like I got in my groove.

Then to add insult to injury…Waterman Canyon Rd. was one steep bugger.  I have been riding around Orange County on my 53/39 and 11-23 cassette because it is so flat and there I was struggling on 10-12% grades.  I muscled my way up and it hurt.

Old Waterman Canyon Rd. Three miles and about 1,300 feet of gain for about an average grade of 8.2%

About three miles of pain and suffering and for what?  Well it’s redeeming quality was it’s serenity.  Just off the from the main road (Hwy 18), Waterman Canyon Rd had all the quaintness of a mountain road, quiet, tree lined and some times completely shaded because of the canopy created by its many trees branches  There were a few houses along the road but mostly it was secluded.

I then continued on Hwy 18.  The road was a little too narrow for my liking. Here are a couple of photos of the climb up Hwy 18.  If the images are a little blurry please forgive me.  I take the pictures with a point-and-shoot camera while I’m still riding.

Below is another photo of the climb on Hwy 18.  Notice the road behind the bike as it curves up the mountain.  The green sign you see to the left of the bike is the 4000 feet elevation sign.  And yes I’m riding Sarah again.  Sarah is a custom steel Serotta CSI bike from 1998 time frame.  It is one of my all-time favorite bikes.

Running Springs was the final destination on this ride.  Notice mile marker 29.70 on Hwy18. Next time I’m up in this area I would like to continue on to Big Bear.

                                         21.5 mile climb gaining 5,300 feet

And just for fun “COVER YOUR LOAD!”


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7 thoughts on “Crestline Climbing Day

    • Aaron,

      Thank you for reading my blog. Did you live in the Crestline/Arrowhead/Big Bear area? It’s so gorgeous up there. I will probably go back again this week and climb some more up there.


  1. Thought I’d let you know that I found your blog through Google-ing Cannondale images. Your pics for the CAAD 10 review came up. Then I stuck around for a few hours and enjoyed the blog. Cheers

      • The CAAD 10 review was in-depth, real life, had photos and was fun to read. The extra great part is all of the comments and experiences of everyone else and your responses. There is so much information there. You answered everyone’s questions. That must take a while, but it’s such good stuff.

        Then your rides are a great read. There’re the technical charts, which as a new rider are probably too much info for me. But the personal description of how the ride was and the photos help interpret the data and make it more interesting.

        It’s always the best to hear experts talking about their field. Things such as this is how this is and this is how I do it, or I prefer this piece of equipment over this because of that. The more photos the better, although I don’t know how you even take that many pictures during your rides.
        So Thanks,

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