Coastal 200km (125 miles)

Today I did a round trip from Newport Beach to Encinitas.  It was 200km (125 miles) with only about 4,000 feet of climbing.  The training objective was to spin out the legs from yesterday’s hill workout where I did seated climbs at low cadences and high torque.  Today I spent almost 5 hours at cadences between 80-100 RPM.  I had good day on the bike.  The northbound leg (60 miles) was into a head/cross wind that sucked!  My average speed plummeted! But now I’m sitting relaxing in “the Pod” having a CVAC session at Lunar Health and Wellness in Newport Beach.  The plan is that the CVAC session will aid in my recovery so that I can do another 8 hours on the bike tomorrow.  Today’s ride was the longest thus far on “Felony” my 2011 Felt F1 with Shimano Di2 and SRM 7900 wireless crankset with Power Control 7.

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