New Personal Record on Newport Coast Drive 7:02

On the tail-end of today’s 3 hour hill workout I PR’d on Newport Coast Drive– 7:02.  I started my climb at 4.5 w/kg and held it.  I’m quite happy with a 19 second improvement from April 22nd time of 7:21.  The other climbs today were Pacific Island Drive (9:25)  in Dana Point and Temple Hills (11:42) in Laguna both seated climbs in my 39×23. On Newport I climbed in my 39×21 and felt fine.  So now the question is are the CVAC sessions at Luna Health and Welness in Newport Beach paying off?  Next goal sub 7 minutes!

Note the 300 watt doted line – all climbs were done at 300 watts (4.5 w/kg) or above

Also note the hard efforts on rollers prior to the first climb 

Normalized Power for the 3 hours was 232 or 3.5 w/kg

George “Red-Eyed Vireo” Vargas sets new PR on Newport Coast Drive – 7:02 

Normalized Power 308 watts or 4.7 w/kg

Timer starts at the crosswalk at Pacific Coast Hwy and ends at Pelican Hill/Morning View traffic signal

1.5 miles 450 feet of gain avg 5.7% grade

4 thoughts on “New Personal Record on Newport Coast Drive 7:02

    • Hello Jerry,

      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. The SRM power meter is an amazing tool for pacing and keeping the intensity right where it needs to be. My next attempt will be to hold 4.75 w/kg from the base of the climb and see how much that hurts :p On my last PR of 7:21 I started the climb at 4 w/kg and ramped up to 4.5 w/kg and then finished off at 5 + w/kg. This time I started at 4.5 w/kg the big push at the end is I was trying to get sub 7 minutes but I missed it 😦


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