Six Hour Training Ride – Newport Beach to Hwy 39

On Saturday February 26, 2011 I did a Double Century.  On Tuesday, March 1 a 30 mile club ride.  Today a Zone 2 Endurance Miles, 6 hrs pedal time 108 miles,  3,500 kjs Normalized Power of 180 watts. The club ride really hurt I wasn’t recovered yet! But I wouldn’t let myself get dropped no matter how much I hurt. My legs felt surprisingly good consider the abuse they took on Saturday’s double century.

Garmin download here

TRAINING GOALS: Endurance Miles 6 hours in Zone 2 training 160-216 watts.  2.35 w/kg – 3.17 w/kg, Average Cadence 90 RPM

ACTUALS: Average 162 watts (2.38 w/kg) Normalized Power 180 watts (2.64 w/kg). Average Cadence 86 RPM

HEADWINDS: Newport Beach to Long Beach and the San Gabriel River Trail. (about 15 Miles)

TAILWINDS: Long Beach to Hwy 39 Azusa (about 40 Miles)

HEADWINDS: Hwy 39 Azusa to Long Beach (about 40 Miles)

TAILWINDS: Long Beach to Newport Beach (about 15 Miles)

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