Glacier Lodge Ancient Bristlecone/White Mountain – Everest Challenge Recon Day 2

Glacier Lodge double peak and Ancient Bristlecone White Mountain double peak

Terrain map with Bishop as a reference Glacier Lodge West of Hwy 395 and Ancient Bristlecone White Mountain East of Hwy 395

12,000 feet of climbing in 52 miles (last 22 are descending to the car)


Glacier Lodge Climb

Glacier Lodge Climb with Torque

Refer to this previous post for grade analysis of Glacier Lodge and Ancient Bristlecone/White Mountain Climbs

Middle section of Glacier Lodge hard to tell but over 9% avg for at least 7 of the 10 miles

Three deer on the road and bush near summit of Glacier Lodge

Summit of Glacier Lodge Climb (paved road) about 8,000 feet

Glacier Lodge Summit 8,000 feet looking up at amazing  scenery

Yes it was hot out in Big Pine!

Ancient Bristlecone White Mountain Rd

Easy to miss the elevation signs on the Ancient Bristlecone climb

Easy to miss the 9,000 feet sign too!

view from the vista point before the summit

View from the summit of White Mountain Rd

View from the summit of White Mountain Rd above 10,000 feet elevation

3 thoughts on “Glacier Lodge Ancient Bristlecone/White Mountain – Everest Challenge Recon Day 2

  1. Great job with the photo sharpening and coloring, don’t know if you prepped for them for uploading – but however they were touched – it looks awesome.

    I always think how awesome the bay area is for riding, and it is.. but look at those shots! and I can’t help to notice that, when off of 395, there’s no traffic!

    A former Marine Corp DI, blogger, endurance racer, techno fan, and with a skill for photography. I hope my wife never meets you.

    I know, I know, shameless butt kissing, no matter, I think when you’re an interesting person you get interesting comments.

    • Ben,

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      Actually none of the pictures have been altered. I am taking them with a $99 Fuji finepix point and shoot. I can’t afford to replace a nice camera when I’m mainly taking pictures on the bike on the fly.

      The riding and the weather has been spectacular, albeit hot, still spectacular. Clear blue skies no traffic no smog and epic 20 mile climbs what else can an Ultra cyclist wish for?

      Ben I appreciate the kind words. Please pass my blog on to your wife I’m sure she won’t find my SRM power charts as interesting as you do 😉 and you’ll have nothing to fear in the end 😉

      go Vireo!
      less than 30 days until the Furnace Creek 508

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