Hour of Power-Hill Repeats

I wanted to do an HOUR OF POWER to finish the weekend of training on a high intensity note.  My legs felt surprising well after the 130 mile and 10,000 feet of climbing ride from yesterday.  I found a hill 1.5 miles long with a gradual increase in grade, a slight relief in it and a steep kicker at the end. The hill was perfect for getting your intensity up gradually and then powering over the steepest part when you are most spent. It was perfect.

There were also two short kickers where I performed 15-20 second sprints ranging in the 800-900 watts range.  On one of the kickers I hit 999 watts and I wasn’t even going for a max sprint number.

Now that my legs are thoroughly worked I will take Monday as a rest day…a well deserved rest day.




Thank you reading my blog…please pass my blog on to your best cycling friend.

3 thoughts on “Hour of Power-Hill Repeats

  1. Nice work, quick and sweet.
    You get it done.
    Do you clean your bike after each ride? How do you clean your chain, when you don’t have a work are with a sink w/hot water to clean it( like me) , any suggestions.

    Tandem is sounding good, what is the brand of your Tandem?

  2. George, I am impressed. Looks like a nice hill for repeats on a climbing Hour of Power. Over the course of your climbs, your power numbers doubled. How did you accomplish that? Was it just through increased effort (and therefore increased speed) or did you change gearing intentionally to affect your power?

    • Christa,

      Thank you for reading my blog. I hope the charts aren’t making you dizzy 😉

      My power increased on the latter climbs because I was doing 15-20 second sprints on two of the short kickers. The drill was — climb at steady tempo and increase it over the last .5 mile then once I would summit I would give my body a short time to recover, 30 seconds, and then attack the roller at sub maximal effort for 15 seconds then, recover 30 seconds, and attack the next roller at sub maximal effort again. A variant of the tried and true VO2 Max drills of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off.

      go Vireo!!

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