Century Day- Two rides today


In the morning I did the Wednesday Ride and then added the Warner Loop on the back-end.  I had a good hard ride of 80 miles.  Then after work I did the Warner Loop again just to keep the legs loose which added another 20 miles.  Total miles for the day was 100 miles Total time was just over 5 hours.

The first 5 miles of my evening ride were really a challenge.  I had been on my feet for 9 hours at work after riding the hard 80 in the morning.  I wore my Skins leg tights which helped but they were still stiff.  After the first 5 miles or so my legs loosened up and I had a very nice enjoyable ride.


Garmin Download Here

I was 11 minutes late to the meet.  I chased for 1:12 and caught the group on Glenn Ranch as they were about to enter Santiago Canyon.  I felt good on that first hour, pushing harder than normal on a Wednesday ride.  Once I was riding with the group my pace was lighter for the next 20 miles or so.  There is a lot of energy savings while drafting …it can’t be overstated.

A few things positive things I notice in the data provided above:

1. 2600 kjs in a 4 hour ride that’s an average of 650 kj/hr.  Pretty high for me on a training ride and I like the data based on my perceived effort.

2.  Intensity Factor was (802) or 80% for 4 hours

3. PwHR:  3.63%– This is outstanding!  The goal should be around 5% and I am below that.  This means my HR and Power were consistent throughout the 4 hours, much more complicated than that but we will leave it there.

4.  Normalized Power was 220 watts which was 3.3 w/kg for 4 hours that’s also good for me anyway.


Active Recovery

Today’s Training Tip

The power meter is essential for recovery rides.  I hear cyclists often say they don’t use their power meter because they’re not going hard.  WRONG! If you are on a recovery ride you need to ride nice and easy.  The Active Recovery is designed to promote blood flow and help in the healing process.  Going out too hard on a recovery ride will add more training stress and actually slow your recovery process.  I submit if you are not using a power meter during your recovery rides then chances are YOU ARE RIDING YOUR RECOVERY RIDES MUCH HARDER THAN YOU SHOULD.  Notice below 63% of this ride was spent at Active Recovery Zone about 36% at Endurance, most of that 36% was at the lowest levels of Endurance zone since my average power was 136 watts for the ride.

All for now…thank you for reading my blog.  Please pass it on to you cycling friends.

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