Video – California’s Toughest Climbs

I finally got around to creating a video for my Eastern Serria trips.  I tackled the 10 toughest climbs in California!  Here are the links of my two trips:

Onion Valley, Horseshoe Meadows and Whitney Portal — 17,000 feet in 116 miles – IN ONE DAY!

Shirley Meadows and Sherman Pass

White Mountain

Thank you John Summerson for your list and inspiration!

Most Difficult Climbs:

1) Onion Valley —               DONE 6/10/10 !!
2) Horseshoe Meadows — DONE 6/10/10!!
3) White Mountain–    DONE 06/25/10!!
4) Sherman Pass–              DONE 6/24/10!!
5) Whitney Portal —          DONE 6/10/10!!
6) Mount Baldy–               DONE- too many times to mention
7) Shirley Meadows–        DONE 6/24/10!!
8) South Lake–                  DONE as part of Everest Challenge Stage Race
9) Mount Palomar–           DONE 6/06/10!!– too many times to mention
10) Mosquito Flat–           DONE as part of Everest Challenge Stage Race

Greatest Elevation Gained:

1) Horseshoe Meadows – 6,234 feet– DONE 6/10/10 !!
2) White Mountain – 6,204 feet  DONE 06/25/10!!
3) 190 – 6,199 feet
4) J21/245/180 – 5,750 feet
5) Mosquito Flat – 5,548 feet- DONE AS PART OF EVEREST CHALLENGE
6) Dantes View – 5,475 feet
7) South Lake – 5,445 feet- DONE AS PART OF EVEREST CHALLENGE
8) Sherman Pass – 5,316 feet– DONE 6/24/10!!
9) Emigrant Pass – 5,309 feet– DONE 04/04/10 – BLOG POST
10) Onion Valley – 5,169 feet DONE 6/10/10!!

Highest Elevation Attained:

1) Mosquito Flat – 10,220 feet- DONE AS PART OF EVEREST CHALLENGE
2) White Mountain – 10,152 feet DONE 06/25/10!!
3) Horseshoe Meadows – 10,034 feet DONE 6/10/10!!
4) Tioga Pass – 9,945 feet
5) South Lake – 9,852 feet– DONE AS PART OF EVEREST CHALLENGE!
6) Sonora Pass – 9,624 feet
7) Kaiser Pass – 9,184 feet
8) Onion Valley – 9,163 feet — DONE 6/10/10!!
9) Lake Sabrina – 9,141 feet
10) Sherman Pass – 9,126 feet– DONE 6/24/10!!

6 thoughts on “Video – California’s Toughest Climbs

  1. Great videos of “Toughest Climbs” and “TDF”, thanks for putting in the time to put your blog and videos together and share them with everyone, it’s great to be able to follow your path to the 508. There are a lot of us out here that look forward to reading your enrtries about your training routes, legendary rides and what’s happening with the Red Eyed Vireo. Thanks George, your the man. Looking forward to Furnace Creek!!!

    • Chris,

      Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and make a comment. The only reason I have a blog is for people like you. Thank you for your support and if you think of something you would like me to write about feel free to drop me a line Meanwhile pass my blog along to your best friend.


  2. Congrats, REV. This is a huge accomplishment. Now if you ever want to go back and try them fixed, let me know! I’ve been dying to do many of these climbs.

    • If you are crazy enough to come with me I’ll do them fixed. These are really steep and long climbs. When I did the Furnace Creek 508 I used a 49 x 17 gear. Towne Pass was a MF with that gearing. But I also had to have enough gearing for the downhills and flats so I had to roll a big gear so as not to run out of time. When I climbed Onyx Summit I used a 49 x 18. For these climbs I might have to use a 49 x 19 …at least.

      Thank you for reading my blog
      Red Eyed Vireo

  3. George: Thanks for all the pics and comments, doing the long rides and climbing has been in my blood for 10 years and seeing you do these makes these dreams and memeories all the more vivid. Climbing is the coolest part of bike riding because it demands the most. Am sure you did well on the 508 with all this prep-congratualtions. I must admitt I am several steps below you but did drag my daughter out to death valley for crewing a couple years back and rode most of the bad water run. Even in Sept it was hot but a wonderful day of challenge in the saddle. Got to the Portal after a 122 miles and it was going to be another 3 hours in the dark-and we had to see the sunrise at the Grand Canyon the next morning so we drove up. Again my appreciation for you sharing your challenges they spread out to the rest of us yeah I’l try that. Ross

    • Ross,

      Thank you for reading my blog. I’m happy to provide motivational material on my blog. Through my suffering and my camera’s shutter I hope to bring to people the natural beauty and majesty that is the mountains. I also hope to provide you with the ability to answer to the eternal question asked by your friends “why do you climb…?”

      Red Eyed Vireo

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