Tour de Francis

Next up for the Red Eyed Vireo is the Tour de Frances.  It is put on by the Adobo Velo club.  The series of rides is named after its most benevolent club member, Frances Ignacio.  I am very excited to finally participate in one of his events.  I have always had a schedule conflict and this weekend is no different but a little easier to resolve than others.  The event is closed for registration and there are no day of event registrations.  It is this Saturday July 31.  I believe the stats for the ride are 100 miles with 9,000 feet of gain.

I have attached a slideshow of the route preview.  Enjoy the beautiful sights but here a few of my favorites.  I don’t have photo credits but they are from the Adobo Velo site I hope that will suffice.

Ok all for now check back for a ride report.

2 thoughts on “Tour de Francis

    • I will be “participating” in this year’s Everest Challenge. The operative word is participating because racing with those guys …well let’s just say I’m better suited for Ultras 😉 Why what’s up your sleeve?

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