Steady Effort in the Aerobars

After work I did a little over an hour at a steady effort.  It was not an Hour of Power.  The goal for the session was to stay in the aero bars as long as possible.  I think I did ok with it but I need more and more time to feel comfortable in the position.  As always, the head-cross wind was a factor.

The sunset was amazing. I really wish I could capture it for you but alas no pictures.

In other news, I am maintaining my weight below 149 lbs which is my goal.  If I raced the Furnace Creek 508 at sub 150 lbs that would be the lightest I have ever raced it.  It’s a shame I don’t have the fitness I have had in previous years.  Today’s weight is 148 lbs or 67.1 kg.

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