5 Minute Peak Power Test – Fail

As some of you know I  recently acquired an SRM power meter.  I like it very much especially since a world of wheels is open to me now.  Tonight I performed a 5 minute test on a local hill that is 1.5 miles and about 6% grade.  I felt great and started the climb at about 360 watts and was holding that steady.  I was a couple of minutes into the effort and still felt good so I pushed a little more.  When the grade started to give way I shifted up a gear and brought the power back up.  I eventually had to stand to keep the power up and was in the 400+ range.  And then….I ended my effort THINKING I had gone 5 minutes.  Well the SRM has a feature where it scrolls certain data on the top line.  I mistakenly ended my effort at 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  I was feeling really stressed but I think I had another 30 seconds at least at over 340 watts.

Below you will see a screen shot from Training Peaks wko 3.0 software (the BEST software for analyzing power data)  showing my 4:30 Peak Power 😉  My average was 348 watts or 5.2 w/kg (more on 5.2 w/kg below)

The reason I’m so bummed is because I was on target for hitting 5.2 w/kg in the 5 minute test which would put me on the very edge of Cat 2.  I will have to try it again soon.  I have already changed the setting on the SRM so that in the INTERVAL  mode I don’t have the data scrolling I will just have time!

all for now….

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4 thoughts on “5 Minute Peak Power Test – Fail

  1. Doh! I hate it when that happens. I’m really toying with the idea of moving to power based training for this winter/next season. I’m having a problem keeping myself honest with how hard I’m working during my training sessions by basing it on heart rate and preceived effort alone. I’m a numbers geek like you so I think having a carrot dangling in front with that power number might be a lot better motivator for me.

    Can you remind me if the SRM works with ANT+ wireless?

  2. Rick,

    The SRM most definitelyy works with ANT+ technology. But I think Miranda will ask for a D-I-V-O-R-C-E if you get a $4,000 SRM. But if you can get that past her then you will see an amazing difference in your cycling. You will improve significantly. And even if you don’t you will know where you deficiencies are and you can work on correcting them. You will find once you move to Power that HR training is really “obsolete”.


  3. nice 4.5min avg… shame you didn’t get a full run in as it looked like you had a good effort going. i do a lot of 5 min tests on newport coast as well (320W @ 63kg)… so very similar to your numbers. my best results always come from a gradual increase in watts… from your file, it looks like you dialed it up to over 400W, which probably wasn’t the best thing to do as it looks like your last 30 seconds tailed off? i bet if you keep it steady at 340-350W for 4 minutes and then really try to kick it up and sprint for the final minute, you’ll blast that 5.2kg benchmark you are looking for. for some reason, i also like starting my 5 min efforts on newport coast just before the 2nd light. i think that last long straight away to the pelican hill light has an even grade that really lets you settle into a good rhythm.

    btw- are you noticing that the SRM reads a little bit higher than PT? i hear that since it reads from the crank, its usually higher than the PT reading from the hub. i suppose some watts are lost between transmission from crank to hub.

    anways, good luck on your next 5 min effort at 5.2kg.

    • Tony–Thank you for reading my blog and making a comment.

      Yes I was quite disappointed with my nOObness on my new SRM. You are right about my pacing. Funny thing is I was feeling good and I went for it but in the back of my mind I knew I was starting off too hard. The bottom portion is steeper so the power can really get up there. Your advice is sound thank you.

      Yes I am noticing higher numbers on my SRM.

      Stop by Bike Religion off of Riverside Ave so we can meet in person.


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