Win an SRM Sweepstakes!!!

During this year’s Tour de France, follow along with TrainingPeaks expert race coverage and you could win prizes including an SRM power meter and a free coaching consultation with Hunter Allen, plus free TrainingPeaks subscriptions and WKO+ 3.0!

To enter, sign up for a free special edition Tour de France TrainingPeaks account and download a free trialof WKO+ 3.0. Existing members are still eligible for this special edition offering on top of their current accounts.

Grand Prize: Win an SRM power meter and head unit, a nearly $3,000 value. We need at least 1000 people to enter for this prize to become available so tell all your friends!

First Prize: An SRM racing jersey and shorts, a free WKO+ 3.0 license and a year-long subscription to Premium Personal Edition, PLUS a free consultation from Hunter Allen for you and your friends, team members, or entire club! Only those who enter will be eligible to participate in the consultation so tell everyone on your team!

Second Prize: A free WKO+ license and a year-long subscription to Premium Personal Edition.This prize will be given for one out of every 300 people who enter so share the news: more entries means more winners!

EVERYONE will be registered to attend two free webinars with Hunter Allen reviewing data from the pros: one mid-way through the Tour de France, and the second a week after the race.

To qualify simply sign up for a free account and download a free trial of WKO+ here!

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