Dana Point out and back with new 1 minute Peak Power

Two hour training ride today from the shop to Dana Point.  38 miles round trip with about 1,200 feet of gain.  I tried to maintain a good tempo with hard efforts mixed in.  My Normalized Power for the 2 hour ride was 248 watts (3.69 w/kg).  While in Dana Point I attempted and accomplished besting my 1 minute peak power number.  It was 534 now it is 609 watts (9.07 w/kg).

Here is the Garmin download.

I am really happy with my 1 minute peak power number of 609 watts it’s almost half-way into the Cat 2 range.  The hill I performed this 1 minute number was really steep (about 10%) which helped me keep high power.  Now I would like to try a one minute test on a shallow hill of maybe 6% grade.

3 thoughts on “Dana Point out and back with new 1 minute Peak Power

  1. Those watts are creeping up! Who said you were in a funk? Not from my perspective. Looking great. Wish i could belt out watts like that!!

  2. Stephen,

    Thank you for checking in. I am drafting my post from today’s mountain climb. Stay tuned should be up within the hour.

    Hey want to join me for a climb up Palomar Mountain tomorrow? Really early start though.

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