What’s next for the Red Eyed Vireo?

I’m trying to decide if I should do the Hell’s Gate Hundred ,an event put on by AdventureCorps, on April 3.  I love doing their events because:

1. they are in Death Valley and
2. they are professionally run from the race director to the volunteers.

What’s holding me back?  Well I’m already doing the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic on April 17th (my pre-ride here) and I’m supposed to work weekends- or at least one of the two days.

Here is the graph looks challenging and fast.  I’m 100% in but what will work say?  Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “What’s next for the Red Eyed Vireo?

  1. I will be there. It would be cool to see what an experienced double (and beyond) rider would do on that course. It would also be cool to ride with you for a couple miles anyway.

  2. Marcus,Got the OK from work yay! It will be interesting because I don't consider myself a fast century rider. I've never really gotten the pacing down for centuries. I always go out too hard and then finish feeling that I could have gone harder on the second half of the course. My preferred distance is double centuries. I have the right pacing and nutrition strategy down for doubles. The Furnace Creek 508 is a beast of an event and I just haven't been able to slay that dragon properly. My goal since my rookie year in 2006 has been to do the event in less than 36 hours. I will try again in 2010.

  3. George! Excited to hear it! I am still so green, I don't know what my preferred distance is. I can ride a fairly flat century in about 6 hours, so I don't think I am a fast century rider either (yet). The more I ride, the more I realize pacing is a true art form.I am really cheering for you to achieve your 508 goal. After watching Charlie Engle do it last year, I realize what a ridiculous event it is, and what it really takes to gut it out. I have seen all of the race reports you have done on the event, as well as the slideshows, and I can see the suffering on your face in some of those pictures. I was really inspired to see you finish last year. I expected so many people to throw in the towel after Shoshone, but the people who were rolling in on the second night made a shiver go up my spine. I was really in awe of the guts people showed to stick in there. Battle tested warriors to be sure.I am crew chiefing for a good buddy of mine (rookie year) at the 508 this year, otherwise I would try to beg my way onto your crew and witness the Vireo machine in action.We met very briefly at the 508, but I am excited to maybe get a couple minutes to chat in person next weekend. Have a good week!

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