More Race Photos from Furnace Creek 508

3 miles from the summit of a climb Brandy with a cute drawing made me smile.  I was having digestive issues and any little thing can help your spirits.  Notice the slow hand jive between Brandy and I.  Brandy has a way of always knowing when I’m not feeling well and she always finds a way to make me feel better.
Somewhere between California City (mile 82) and Trona (mile 152)
Climbing to Randsburg and Jo’burg
How do you communicate with your rider?  Well like Colin is doing here run next to him, feed him, motivate him and tell him you are there to help.  That’s the dedication that keeps the rider in the race. Note the view in the background as well.
I love the open roads of the 508.  Here I’m heading to Trona (mile 152)
Brandy relaying a mesage from a Facebook post. 
Thank you Rick for taking the time to post messages.  They were relayed to me and they kept me motivated.  DNF’ing is much more a remote possibility when you have a strong support group at home cheering you on!
                   More open roads.

A successful hand-up is done on a climb– thank you Julie!

Another successful hand-up.  Nice photography work Julie/Colin
I love this shot!

Heading to Towne Pass

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