Brandy checking in. The crew and I are in Baker. We left George about 34 miles back, stocked with nutrition and flat repair so we could come ahead to Baker to have the blown van tire replaced. We are at A1 Towing and Tires and Ramon is helping us out! Thanks Ramon!!!

It’s been rough going so far. George broke the cardinal ultracycling rule and changed his nutrition before the race. He was bogged down and nauseous for quite awhile until we were able to get him back on a familiar nutrition protocol.

He looked great climbing Towne Pass and kindly rode the brakes for us on the descent since the spare tire on the van had a max speed limit of 50mph.
The headwind coming into Furnace Creek was very strong and in Death Valley itself it was relentless. 35+mph winds and George rarely topped 4-5mph. As the hours dragged on I asked him to take a break and wait it out an hour. Renewed he was able to fight again!

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