August Month End Numbers

My cycling mileage numbers are less than ever for the month of August as I prepare for Furnace Creek 508. I have been doing more speed work and less volume.

What you see below is the Performance Management Chart from Training Peaks Software.

The pink line is Acute Training Load ATL=Short term effects- workouts done in the last 14 days

the Yellow Line is Training Stress Balance- TSB represents the balance of training stress or how well you have been juggling your training load and your rest periods.

And the Blue line is Chronic Training Load- CTL=Long term effects- workouts done 15 days ago and older

You’ll notice that the Pink lines or my ATL kept increasing with spikes during June and July. You will also note that the TSB was closing the gap as the ATL was less and less. My CTL has been rising ever since May 27th. I will now begin a slow taper as I am just shy of one month from my goal event of the year. I do have one last hard weekend left 2 weeks before the Furnace Creek 508.

I should be fit, rested and fresh by October 3rd.


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