Trans Iowa V.5 Questions?

I have had a few personal emails with questions about Trans Iowa. What questions do you have? What would you like to hear about and see specifically in race report?

Here is just a sampling of what some of you have asked.

– What was your post race meal?
– How much did you sleep afterward?
– How did the “Skins” help [or not help] the ride and recovery?
– What did you think of Casey’s pizza?
– Would you do the event again?
– What’d you think of us Great Plains folks?
– Would you race a different rig setup if you had to do it over?

More questions coming in…

so how much water did you carry?
How much food?
Spare gear?
Was it cold?
Did you have enough of everything?
What is the one thing you wished you had?
Were there things you wished you did not take?

Please keep them coming

More questions?

I’ve got one good question (as someone with an eye on ultras in the future). Contrast and compare (possibly rank?) this event to some of the other ultras you’ve done.

PS- I’m eyeballing the DVD next spring as a possibility.

and even more

I pulled the questions out of your post. I hope that’s ok.

How do you prepare for event like this?
Trainer rides?
How long would be the longest trainer ride needed to prepare for 24 hour race?

I want to do a 24 hour race thinking of Sebring next year. I live in NE so it is hard to get much long outdoor riding in the winter. I can do 3-4 hour rides when it is 30 not much longer. I’d done a Ironman in the rain and think I’m mentally tough and strange the longer I ride the easier it gets for me.

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