Big Bear Training Ride April 18, 2009

It’s that time again. Time to get your climb-on. Brandy and I will be going to do the ride you see in the graph above on Saturday. It is about 13,000 in 88 miles. You can read about my last trip to Big Bear City here. I also created a video here. Click on Big Bear City. Internet Explorer seems to work best with the media player.

Start: Mill Creek Ranger Station
34701 Mill Creek Road
Mentone, CA 92359
(909) 794-1123

Start Time: 0600

The route begins at Mill Creek Ranger Station we will climb over Oak Glen in both directions. Then we will climb up and through Onyx Summit to Big Bear City. Refuel and climb up and over Onyx Summit and back to Mill Creek Ranger Station.

Everyone welcome– Climb at your own pace. This is not a beginners ride. However, there are plenty of bailout points. Just think if you get tired of climbing just turn around and head back down the mountain and the pain is over. This is a hard ride with lots of climbing and not much in the way of support.

As always only you are responsible for you.


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