Stage 7- Kelso to Almost Amboy

From the 508 website:

Stage Seven: Kelso to Almost Amboy, 33.8 miles. Elevation Gain: 2280′.

“Compared to the just completed Baker Grade, you now head up a slightly steeper climb: 2000 feet in 12 miles to the top of the Granite Mountains (El 4000’) (Mountain Section Nine). The downhill to the outskirts of Amboy is fast and long; watch out for cattle guards.”

I was still very excited to be seeing different parts of the course in the daytime. It was really a totally different 508 for me this year.

Once again, the next climb isn’t difficult, but it just goes on forever. As is typical on these desert climbs, you get hit with most of the elevation gain in the last few miles.

So after my neck massage I felt like a new man– not really, but it sounds good. Anyway, in the next series of pictures I chase down a rider because I need something to do, and it helps me get up the mountain faster. The picture of me with one of my hands up is just showing one half my “chompers”. It’s just part of the game I play of Pac-Man on the climbs and gobbling up the riders.

Here I am cresting the Kelso Climb with Jaguar and his crew. Notice how I have to warn the crew vehicle that there is a car rapidly approaching.

I spent another 10 minutes off of the bike on this time station. Two minutes at Kelso and 8 minutes getting a neck massage and trying to rest a little. The total time off the bike is now 2 hours and 36 minutes in 32 hours and 41 minutes and 451.3 miles 32,000+ feet of climbing.

Almost Amboy 451.3 10/05 15:41 32:41:00 13.81 02:23:00 14.16

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