Stage 2 California City to Trona 70.2 miles

From the 508 website:

“From California City, head north over flat desert terrain to the Johannesburg climb at mile 110 (Mountain Section Three). You’ll climb 1500 feet in seven miles; the desert climb is steeper than it looks and grows progressively steeper. Drink plenty; each year some riders overheat here. After Jo’burg, you’ll ride over a series of pesky rollers before a long fast descent to the road to Trona. The crew must gas the vehicle and get ice and drinks in Trona as there is no gas overnight until Shoshone and no services until Baker”

I was feeling great, having surpassed my Stage 1 goal. All I kept thinking was, “I am putting money in the bank for later” The tailwinds were still blowing and I was still making good time. I knew eventually that those great tailwinds would be miserable headwinds. In 2006, I started to have stomach issues on this stage. No stomach issues this time, so keep the press on.

I was still on the P3C – Portia. I didn’t find the early climbs too difficult on the P3C, so I will ride this bike again on the first two stages.

One of the many things that makes this race so difficult are the long, long, long stretches of road with nothing to distinguish where you are. Just look how far back you can see the long straight road.

What do I eat on the 508? Everything, if my stomach is good. Here Brandy is making Turkey sandwiches on ONE slice of bread with hamburger sliced dill pickles. Carbs, protein and sodium. YUM!

Notice how I am leaning into the crosswind

When I got to Trona I changed in to my Kenda kit. The Sho-Air shorts had already started to chafe me. As I mentioned before, my stomach was feeling good so I asked for a carne asada burrito from the Trona stop.

I spent 7 minutes off the bike in this time station including changing my kit. Total time off the bike since the start 7 minutes. Mile 153.8 and only 7 minutes off the bike.

My goal was to get into the time station in 9:30 Total Time I got in 8:22 Total time. Thank you tailwinds.

Official Time Station data

TS #2 Total Miles Date Time Total Time Avg Spd Start Time TS Avg Speed TS

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