Beginnings of a Race Report

Nathan Sports sponsorship took care of all my reflective needs.

Most of the gear that got loaded into the van.

Part of my pre-race prep is to change all the batteries in my Power Tap hubs and CPU’s.

The crew assembled at my house early on Friday morning. We did some last minute running around, picked up the rental van, packed it and drove to the race start in Santa Clarita/Valencia. It is just outside the Magic Mountain theme park.

Chris looked relaxed as Brandy and I were turning in our crew waivers and picking up my goody bag.

While the crew sets up the vehicle with lighting and signage, I get my pre-race mug shot taken. These are great for before and after pictures so your friends can see how much you suffered.

Vehicle Inspection seemed to take longer this year. While it seemed there were less inspectors available this year, we were assured that there were three of them out there. It was pretty comical to see Cindy “Pitsnake” Steiger as mama duck and all her little ducklings following her around the parking lot as she inspected vehicles and bikes. Our guess is that all of the ducklings flocked to Cindy because she is so recognizable with her involvement in Furnace Creek 508 every year.

Our turn finally arrive and the inspection was done and out of the way. My routine after inspection is that I like to go to the hotel and relax while the crew gets groceries for me and for themselves. While they grocery shop I always wish I could fall asleep, but it never happens.

When they returned we went to the pre-race meeting. I have been to three of these and by far, I enjoyed this year’s the best. Hearing John Marino speak about how he got started in this craziness was incredible. Because of his vision and his grandiose goals, we now have the Race Across America, the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association and the Furnace Creek 508 — just under a different name and distance than it was at first. I thoroughly enjoyed his talk. I just wish I had more time to talk one on one with him.

While at the pre-race meeting I saw some old friends. Here is Francis on the Left and on the right the guy that talked me into a triple century as my very first Ultra Roehl.

After the meeting it is back to the hotel to get some rest. I never sleep well before these races. On the way though we stopped at a gas station and Robyn Benincasa was there. She kindly drew some legs on my legless bird.

Morning of representing for Sho-Air.

The crew just before the madness began

I’ll post more tomorrow and every day over the next week.

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