The Down and Dirty of my Furnace Creek 508…

I wanted to drop a quick post as I compile the data and sort the pictures and videos. Yes there will be videos this year yay! Subscribe to the blog to get updates.

First off I want to thank my crew. Brandy, Jason and Ticia they were AWESOME! When you have a great crew your event goes off a lot smoother. I also had the benefit of cool foggy weather the first 30 miles and then massive tailwinds for many sections of the first 100 miles. The Heat Miser stayed away and I believe it was in the low 90’s for most of the first day. I would pay for the benefit of the tailwinds with just as massive cross and headwinds especially going up Townes Pass.

One of my greatest treats was getting to the base of Townes Pass before sunset. I was about 1.5 miles from the right turn onto HWY 190 which I consider the base of the climb when the 6pm hour hit. At 6pm until 7am we MUST mount lights on the bike and turn on the yellow flashing lights and install our safety triangle. I HAD NEVER SEEN THIS IN THE DAYLIGHT. I was so excited. Basically I did an 11 hour double century with about 12,000 feet of climbing to get to the base of Townes Pass still about 300 miles left though.

All for now but thank you all for following my progress and I will post again later today and throughout the week.

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