Catching up with George….

From L to R. Choosak, Jason, Brandy, me and Joseph at 2008 Devil’s Punch Bowl

Suffering at San Luis Rey Road Race

Also at San Luis Rey Mark Thomas from Kahala and another rider rotating through just to finish.

Well I have been getting emails from you my readers as to why I have not kept my blog up-to-date. I have been busy racing every weekend. The challenge I see is how to report back weekly on something as short as a Criterium. These races are 45-55 minutes long. The races are over and done with in such a short period of time. It’s not like my Ultras full of pain and suffering for hours and hours.

Criteriums are all about positioning. For example, positioning is very important at the very start so you don’t end up having to fight your way to front when you are tired. There are often more crashes in the back so staying near the front is advised. Positioning is very important in the last laps of the race to assure yourself the opportunity to sprint for the finish and place well.

Here are my results for races after LA Circuit on March 16 through today May 13th.

3/18–El Dorado 4/5 Pack Finish
3/23–Ontario GP 30+ 4/5–19th
3/23–Ontario GP 35+ 1-4–22nd
3/23–Ontario GP Cat 4/5–52nd after crash with 4 laps to go
3/25–El Dorado Masters– Field
4/1—El Dorado Masters—7th
4/6—Anthill Crit Cat 4– 12th
4/8—El Dorado Masters– Pack Finish
4/15–El Dorado Masters– 12th
4/20–Torrance Crit–16th
4/22–El Dorado Masters– 9th
4/26–Devils Punch Bowl–54th
4/29–El Dorado Masters– 9th
5/4—San Luis Rey Road Race Cat 4– 72nd

Since moving to Cat 4 I have had consistent top 20 finishes in Criteriums with fields over 100. I have not faired as well in road races. At Devil’s Punch Bowl I was dropped on the first lap and had to finish the race alone–basically. I tried to go with the first accelerations straight from the line. I didn’t have a good warm-up and I was dropped. At San Luis Rey I was dropped on the second out of four laps. I had done Breathless Agony, a 12,000 foot climbing event, the day before and my legs were toast. I will not do that again. I must show up with fresh legs since I should be racing next season as a Cat 3.

I have not been placing high enough to upgrade via points. But the regulations also allow for upgrade via experience in 20 races with fields over 50. Currently, I have completed 16 races (need 20) as a Cat 4. I am literally one month away from applying for a Cat 3 upgrade.

Once I achieve my goal of upgrading from Cat 5 to Cat 3 in one season I will then have to focus on my Ultras again. I need to turn on the long distance machine back on and get ready for Furnace Creek 508. I was accepted to the Furnace Creek 508 25th anniversary edition. I am one of 100 racers racing in the solo division.

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