Facts and Figures


Average Speed 13 mph
Maximum Speed 31.3 mph
Distance 508.1 miles
Odometer 21,989 miles

Average Heart Rate 137 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 187 bpm
TOTAL number of Heart Beats 371,749 beats for the event

Strangest thing this has never happened to me before…

Minimum Cadence 4 rpm
Average Cadence 61 rpm
Maximum Cadence 148 rpm

Gear Selection 49 x 17
Gear Ratio 2.88
Gear Inch 76.7
Pedal Revolutions 133,735

As far as my recovery (excerpt from an email sent to my crew on Thursday Oct 11, four days after the race)

1, I have a lot of pain on my left knee. It is swollen and painful. It is slowly hurting less but very painful. I truly believe any lesser man/woman would have DNF’d with the pain I was feeling. Brandy gave me so many IBUs that it helped— slightly. The adreneline of catching other riders helped me focus away from the pain. (UPDATE TUES 10/23 HEALED)

2. I have a swollen left ankle and also painful but not as much as my knee. It is slowly feeling better. (UPDATE TUES 10/23 HEALED)

3. My left hand is still numb. My palm is very sensitive to pressure. My middle finger Ring Finger and pinky are still tingling. I’m sure it will go away but just feels weird. (UPDATE TUES 10/23 15 DAYS AFTER RACE LEFT HAND AND PINKY STILL SENSITIVE CAN NOT PUT PRESSURE ON IT. OTHER FINGERS ARE FINE)

4. My right tricep was so stiff and painful. I had done many sets of push-ups and dips to prepare for the prolonged pressure on them. I think it helped but 45 hours is a long time on the bike. The FG doesn’t allow you to take pressure of your arms and rest on your butt and coast. I don’t have tricep issues when I ride multispeed. I have a good core and ride light on the bars.(UPDATE TUES 10/23 HEALED)

5. I had gained 15 POUNDS from my pre-race weight of 156 lbs up to 171 by Tuesday night. 168 by Wed night. My legs swelled so much that the skin was pulled tight. It actually hurt to have my skin stretched so much. I’m slowly getting back down to pre-race weight. I was 161 today. (UPDATE TUES 10/23 159 LBS)

6. I always catch a cold or some respiratory issue from these Ultras. This time I think Brandy kept the supplements coming and I think I avoided it. My nose is still bleeding everytime I blow it. But otherwise I feel fairly healthy.

7. My Hemoroids flaired up on Tuesday from all the solid recovery food on Monday and Tuesday. I will eventually have to get them treated for the long term if I keep doing Ultras. (UPDATE TUES 10/23 HEALED)

8. My recovery has been slow because on Monday when I should have been sleeping I couldn’t go to bed until after I put my son to bed at 9pm so I was awake since Sat 5am until Monday 10 ish pm I was awake 65 hours. Well that is the Ultra life when you have children.

And once again a very big thank you (crew) for your dedication to my success. Their experience and dedication showed in every effort that the made. They were truly there to see me through to the finish of this very difficult challenge and I could not have asked for a better team, it was a seamless effort all around. Thank you Terry. Thank you Timmer. Thank you Brandy. I have you to thank for this accomplishment.

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