Official RAAM Finisher

Picture courtesy of :TBD

Well I did it. I am an official finisher of the world’s toughest bicycle race, RAAM. I was a member of a 2 person team called Team Beat Cancer #209. Rick Schulze and I braved the elements and the terrain to finish with an official time of 9 days 18 hours and 55 minutes. The graphs are from my Polar 720i Heart Rate Monitor/Cycling computer. The graphs represent just my portion of the 3043 miles and the 108,000 feet of climbing.

I competed in the 2007 edition of Race Across America which started in Oceanside California and traversed this great country of ours and finished in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The course covered 3043 miles and 108,000 feet of climbing. The California mountains, Arizona deserts, Colorado rockies, flat plains of Kansas and the steep rolling terrain of West Virginia and Pennsylvania really tested my resolve.


I know now that I would rather race Solo RAAM. I have always ridden my ultras for the solitude and the expectation of challenging myself to find my new breaking point. I will be racing in Solo RAAM 2008. Please support me in every way that you can to make the rest of 2007 a successful year and help me prepare for 2008.

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