Goodbye Indy…

We took the team off of the course for a much needed break. One of George’s customers, Scott Brooks, invited us in to his home for showers, sleep, an amazing home cooked meal and massages for the guys. What a treat! We’re a clean bunch now and we’re rolling right when we anticipated that we would. Unfortunately George didn’t get much sleep and he has a headache, but after his 54 miler, Rick will take a long pull and George should be able to sleep some more. Right now, we’re going north for another three miles and once we turn east again, he will welcome the tailwind he was enjoying a few minutes ago.

Thanks to Scott and his family and friends for the hospitality. We truly appreciate it!

Additional thanks to the people of Illinois and Indiana. We have had more people here cheering the boys on, and it is so encouraging to them!

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