Good morning Ohio!

After a little bit of sleepytime, we’re back on the road. Rick had a 63 mile pull and upon his return, he asked if we were in Iowa…close, it’s another four letter state…Ohio! He was happy to see the food that Bike Forums member John (R900) had brought to us. Who knew that chicken casserole would taste so good at 5:00 a.m.?

George is riding right now, climbing, climbing, climbing a slight grade. We just passed the shuttle vehicle on the side of the road and they were sleeping, so George pulled off, I jumped out and we sent the follow vehicle back to wake them up, with the instruction to use the usually dreaded “siren” mode on the mega-phone. Wish I could have seen that reaction!

Thanks to R900 (John) for the yummy food that he delivered to the time station in Cambridge City. We’ve been blessed with the kindness of friends, old and new, across the country.

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