Long time, no blog!

Sorry everyone! Internet access on the road has been scarce and slow when we’ve been lucky enough to have it. I’m sitting here in the motor home in Pagosa Springs, CO and George is currently climbing Wolf Creek Pass. He wants to do this climb alone, but we’re hanging back here behind him in case he feels that he bit off more than he could chew. He’s STILL not sleeping. The best sleep that he got was when he came in directly off of a pull and went straight to bed without eating. Given that, I’ve decided that he needs to start his recovery on the bike and his last two pulls before the exchange will be Endurox so he can go to bed with some calories and then eat something solid before the next pull starts.

Both Rick and George had their ups and downs yesterday, but they keep going and I’m so proud of them. I supppose it’s just the nature of RAAM, ups and downs. When we came into time station 14 in Cortez, we found out that Rick had endured a really tough pull from Montezuma Creek. When we arrived he asked me about the possibility of a massage and the crew went to work trying to find one. They were unable to at that hour but he was able to soak in a spa for about 30 minutes and that really helped him. He’s been a total SUPERSTUD this whole journey! He hammered the first half of his last pull this morning in Pagosa Springs and came in looking strong, yet a little fuzzy eyed from the cold. We’d like to thank team 205 for their help last night in Cortez and for their cheers on the road!

We’ll update again soon…we need to do some shopping, some laundry and hopefully some wifi for James to upload some of his amazing pictures. We’ve taken a ton, we’re just having issues with internet being too slow to upload.


I have to say that I couldn’t be more proud of Rick and George. They are pushing through the pain, the sleep deprivation and anything else we throw at them. They’re truly amazing!

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