Sleep? What’s that?

George and Rick aren’t sure what that word means at this point. It’s been difficult to sleep in the motorhome, and George has been awake pretty much since Tuesday at 5:00 a.m. save for 20 minutes here and there. The boys have been pushing through extreme exhaustion and the typical answer that I’m getting from them is “I feel GREAT, I’m just falling asleep!” They both have good legs, the sleep deprivation is just catching up with them.

Both George and Rick took a 60+ mile pull each, then a 40+ mile pull each. George had planned on 30 miles for his last pull, but we asked him to take a 46 mile pull to get some more rest for Rick. He really suffered on this last pull but we are so proud of him, he really came through for the team.

Hearing that George was really suffering with lack of sleep, Rick put on his SuperStud cape and volunteered to take a 100 mile pull. I was going to ask him to extend his planned pull of 32 miles to 44 miles and when he volunteered to do 100, I must have asked him four or five times if he was sure he wanted to do it. This is going to be such a tremendous relief for George, we are currently getting gas and water for the motorhome and we’re going ahead 100 miles to get park and wait.

I have to say that all of you would be proud if you could see these guys. They are really showing a lot of respect for one another and pulling longer when the other one needs it.

Freaking studs!!!!!!

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