16 days and counting…

On Saturday, George rode the Planet Ultra Heartbreak Double Century. He went out with the lead pack and pushed a very hard pace, arriving at the 50 mile checkpoint just minutes behind the four riders who held the lead position. It was a very tough day out there, George struggled with going out so fast in the beginning, and then with the heat. Two of the doubles riders that were expected to be in the top 10 ended up DNF’ing and nearly everyone out there suffered with the high temperatures. Last year it was the opposite, extreme cold and headwinds and George had a time of 15:23. His goal this year for the 202 mile, 17,000 ft elevation gain ride was 14:00 and despite feeling awful for much of the ride, he managed a time of 13:29, which was a 5th place finish! Official results here.

Next up: Eastern Sierra Double Century on Saturday June 2nd.

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