Rick’s training…

It has been interesting to hear how the two riders, Rick and George, have been training for Race Across America. Here are some words from Rick on his training as of late…

My hill work lately has been to climb the 2.5 mile 7-9% grade out to HWY 67 on Scripps / Poway PKWY twelve times in a row, then head down to outer torrey for seven repeats and finally on the hill I live on, less than 1/2 mile but 400ft of climbing, it’s 8-10% for another 4-7 repeats. I have been getting over 11,000 feet of climbing in less than 90 miles. Not tracking numbers as closely as George, I can only say that I am feeling fine on the climbs. The only thing I am keenly aware of; I do not let my HR go into zone 5 for nothing right now and won’t on the ride either.

I will have a four day weekend this weekend. I am off on Fridays, Monday is a company holiday. I plan to ride four consecutive 160 mile days as my last big preps for RAAM and then start my taper towards the event.

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