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“Just four days left to order your REV Cycling kit! Order will be placed July 1 REV Cycling kits are for purchase to anyone you DO NOT need to be a team member. Here it is in black. Place orders ASAP. Please LIKE and SHARE with your friends”

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2 thoughts on “George Vargas shared an Instagram photo with you

    • A REV Cycling kit is $250. The bib is of very high quality I have done multiple century plus rides and two double Centuries lately. I find it extremely well made. The jerseys also very nice but then again how much can you talk about a jersey 😉

      If you wish to place an order please send an email to in the subject line please put “REV Cycling kit order” specify size and color. I will then provide payment instructions.

      Thank you your interest and business. Please share with your friends. Anyone can purchase the cycling kit. You DO NOT have to be a team member.

      Red-Eyed Vireo.

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