Personal Record on Torrey Pines 6:03

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I’m very happy with my latest hard effort up Torrey Pines.  I set a Personal Record of 6:03 It is a 1.45 mile hill with an average grade of 5.1% and gains 387 feet (your data may vary)

The first 1:19 seconds I ramped up the power to see how I felt.  Avg wattage was 309 or 4.6 w/kg.  I felt good so I surged on.

The next 1:20- Goal was to hold  6 w/kg actual 6.2 w/kg or 411 watts.  I was trying to hold for 90 seconds but couldn’t.  I just exploded.  Next time I will try just 6 w/kg and see if I can make it 90 seconds.

Last section 3:16 – Goal was to hold over 4.5 w/kg actual 4.4 w/kg or 294 watts.  I couldn’t squeak out 4.5 w/kg 😦

For the Heart Rate people out there notice that once reaches 187 bpm it remains pegged there regardless of my power output.

Average Speed was 14.5 mph

Normalized Power for the entire climb was 333 watts or 5 w/kg

My best 5 minute power was 342 watts or 5.21 w/kg

I guess my next goal would be to go sub 6 minutes!

4 thoughts on “Personal Record on Torrey Pines 6:03

  1. Awesome stuff George! Ran across your site/blog when looking for some info on the Onion Valley and Horseshoe Meadow climbs. I’m a total numbers nerd, and love how much data you share. Anyhow, I was looking at your Torrey Pines climb data and I bet you can get it in 5:40, or less, if cut out those watt spikes, and just hold your ~340 watts steady. I do this with my garmin by showing 10 sec moving power average, 30 sec moving average, and lap power average all on the same screen. I hit my lap timer at the bottom of the climb and just lock in on that power number. There are obvious training advantages to varying your power up a climb, so I’m just referring to obtaining highest power average..I’m just a newbie compared to you, but stoked to talk shop with a seasoned vet like yourself. Nice work!

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