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On today’s ride I wore my SPY + KEEP A BREAST Lens: Pink W/ Pink Spect.  These are some wicked cool lenses.  When you are holding them in you can see through them but once you put them on your face they go completely mirrored.  The tint is really light so they are great on an early morning ride before the sun is shinning in earnest.  Let’s just call them great for low light conditions.  I wore them in bright sunshine today and they were fine as well.  I strongly recommend these glasses for their performance, great looks and heck you are helping the Keep A Breast Foundation.  Get your pink on!

Pictured above L to R. Jim Miller, George “Red Eyed Vireo” Vargas and Michael Marckx.

Also on today’s ride I stopped by Spy Optic’s Headquarters in Carlsbad to pick up a pair of sunglasses for another one of my elite riders.  If you are curious they were the very glasses I am describing in this post.  I spent some time visiting with Jim Miller, Director of Sales.  We spoke about the upcoming Waffle Ride on April 7.  Road Bike Action did a write-up you can find here. Jim gave me the brief history of how it got started and how it’s modeled loosely from Dave Jeager’s French Toast ride held in January.  The Waffle Ride has grown significantly in it’s barely 2 year history and he’s expecting over 300 riders this year.

We chatted until Micheal Marckx, CEO & President of Spy Optic was available to join us.  We continued our discussion about the Waffle Ride with Michael.  I was surprised to hear that some riders cut the route short on last year’s ride.  I was appalled to hear that riders would do such a thing.  I then thanked Michael and Jim for their sponsorship and got back on the bike.

 Thank you Spy Optic for taking an interest in us and supporting our development team!!!

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