Stagecoach Century January 12, 2013

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Next Saturday I will kick off the season with the Stagecoach Century.  I haven’t done this event in years.  But since this year is my “come back year” I am “forcing” myself to do more events than last year.  I sacrificed too much to my j.o.b last year and I need to get out more and enjoy my passion.

The last time I did this event was in 2007.

Here is my blog post.

Here is the Polar graph of the elevation profile.

Here is the post from my ride out to the Stagecoach Century the day before.

The ride out was 155 miles with 10,500 feet of climbing and if you know anything about power meter training it was a 5,000 kj day.  That is a huge training workload the day before another century.  Take a walk down memory lane and read my reports from 2007.  I love reading and reliving my own Epic Adventures!

Come Join Me!!  REV Endurance Cycling will be there!

My latest endeavor is forming a new and completely different cycling organization.    REV Endurance Cycling Team – a cycling organization focused on bringing up the next generation of endurance cyclists. REV is a development team rather than a racing team. As part of it’s rider development strategy, REV is very keen on bringing more women into Ultra Cycling.  REV is about making and maintaining a lifestyle change with personal health, fitness and cycling as priorities.  REV will take the “couch potatoes” coach and train them to complete their very first century or Gran Fondo.  REV will take century riders and assist them in becoming brevet riders (unsupported events) or double century riders. REV will prepare you for “the toughest 48 hours in sport”, the Furnace Creek 508.

REV Endurance Cycling is always looking for corporate sponsors and individual donations.  Please feel free to contact me with your interest in assisting REV Endurance Cycling accomplish its goals.

Stay tuned for more details…

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