Final Week– Countdown 2012 Furnace Creek 508

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The 2012 Furnace Creek 508 is less than a week away.  I will attempt to post daily to give you an idea of the things I do on my final week of preparation for the “toughest 48 hours in sport”.

Today I usually do a stock take of my gear.  I have a blue storage container that has been affectionately named “the 508 kit” and also as “the big blue bin”.  In it I store the reusable and non-perishable  items needed for the 508.  Such as:

1.  Safety Lights

2. Totem Signs

3. Duct Tape

4. Bungee Cords

5.  Dry Ease message board

6. Fix-A-Flat- for the crew vehicle

7.  Crew loose leaf binder – Or what I call the 508 Race Bible

8. Admin supplies pens, pencils, highlighters

9.  Booster Cables

10. Cleaning Supplies– Paper Towels, Simple Green, Trash bags, Zip Lock bags (assorted sizes)

11.  Rags, work gloves, and/or food handling gloves

I then air up all my tires on my tubular race wheels, take them for a spin and then check them in the morning to see how much pressure loss if any, they’ve had overnight.

Today being October 1 and the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I changed my bar tape from black to pink.  My mother died from breast cancer a few years ago and it’s my way of remembering her during the 40 hours of racing at the 508.

Racers of the 508 please join me in sporting pink bar tape in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This is PRO bar tape and it’s quite ornate 😉

Everyone needs a super hero to believe in 😉 Who is your superhero?


1 thought on “Final Week– Countdown 2012 Furnace Creek 508

  1. Good luck George! I hope you do great and will be thinking about you this weekend in that ethereal landscape. Go get ’em…   tim


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