I Don’t Have it THAT Bad

A couple of weeks I was out on a lackadaisical training ride.  I was feeling sorry for myself and then something caught my eye.  To my right I saw a yellow wildflower.  This tenacious little flower was at the base of a massive concrete utility pole.  I pulled over to get a closer look.  I was in awe as I admired its resoluteness.  I looked around and didn’t see sprinklers or any type of irrigation.  I thought to myself — wow this flower’s story is one of perseverance, persistence and downright determination!

So why was I feeling so sorry for myself?  No reason whatsoever!  That little voice inside my head said — GET BACK ON THE BIKE!  From now when I’m down or not feeling so great while training on the bike, on the J-O-B, or life in general, I will think of that little yellow flower surviving against insurmountable odds.

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