OC Gran Fondo Countdown

There are 30 days left before the OC Gran Fondo.  If you’ve decided to participate then don’t delay entry fees will go up after September 1 as follows:

Before September 1st                                               After September 1st

VIP – $199                                                                          $249

101 – $99                                                                             $110

64 –   $99                                                                             $110

30 –   $25                                                                              $30

11 –   $20                                                                              $20

Hope to see you there  Come Ride with George “Red-Eyed Vireo” Vargas!

2 thoughts on “OC Gran Fondo Countdown

  1. Hi George,
    I was just wondering why are the prices so high for this event? I’ve done it the last two years but I think I’ll pass this year. Last year I didn’t get the jersey and they said they’d mail it to me and I never got it. I really don’t care as I don’t need another jersey but it would seem to me that they’d have prices closer to other local events.

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