My Ultra-Cycling Hero- Pete Penseyres

On my ride today I ran into Pete Penseyres.  I run into Pete here and there.  A while back when my work schedule was much more flexible I would join  Pete and his merry men on Wednesdays for a his weekly ride out of Bonsall.  But now that I live in Orange County I don’t get a chance to see him on the road.  I miss riding with Pete and hearing all his stories!

Pete’s Ultra-Cycling exploits are simply amazing!  With the start of Race Across America just days from now I’m reminded of the fact that he still holds the record for the fastest average speed 15.4 mph.  He held that average speed over 8 days 9 hours and 47 minutes to win the 1986 edition of Race Across America.  If you don’t think 15.4 mph is fast  then you should read this!  I think the analysis will give you a completely new perspective

Here’s just a short list of his accomplishments:

Penseyres’s palmares
Tandem Team Transcontinental Record
10d 21h 49m
RAAM Second Place Solo
10d 22h 2m
RAAM First Place Solo
9d 13h 13m
RAAM First Place Solo
8d 9h 47m, 15.40 mph
Tandem Transcontinental
7d 14h 55m, 15.97 mph
RAAM HPV Team First Place
5d 1h 8m, 24.02 mph
US Master’s National Road Race Champion
1993 – 2001
11 Master’s National Tandem Time Trial or Road Race championships
7th place
24-hour HPV record (602 miles)
RAAM Master’s Team, 50-plus
5d 11h 21m

2 thoughts on “My Ultra-Cycling Hero- Pete Penseyres

  1. I talked to Pete once at Pacific Coast Cycles in Oceanside. I’m a long time southern California roadie. Great guy, took all the time in the world to talk to me.

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