AdventureCORPS Event Schedule for 2012

I’m really excited to write this blog post.  The schedule for AdventureCORPS 2012 events is now published online.  As many of you know I ride a lot of the AdventureCORPS events during the year.  I find the AdventureCORPS events to be the best organized events available.  Chris Kostman, Chief Adventure Officer, puts a lot of effort towards creating safe and challenging route.  On the day of the event his volunteers provide excellent quality of care towards all participants.  Furthermore, Chris can be seen roving the entire route enforcing common sense rules of the road to ensure your safety.

Here is a quick recap of the AdventureCorps events I did last year.

I did the Spring Death Valley Double Century under very windy conditions.  You can read my blog report here.  On that crazy day only nine cyclists finished the double out of a 100 or so (just a guess on total starters).  Yours truly finished first. One of my proudest moments!

I was very sick for the Hell’s Gate Hundred and could not participate 😦

I did the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic blog report here.

And of course my favorite event the Furnace Creek 508.

Here is the line up for 2012

March 3 Death Valley Century, Ultra Century, and Double Century – Spring Edition:

March 27-31 CORPScamp Death Valley:

Really excited about CORPScamp.  I might be able to attend this year.  In short it is a five day cycling camp in some of the best riding anywhere on the planet!!

From the website:

The original CORPScamp features five days and 300 or more (or less) miles of epic, one-of-a-kind cycling in and around “Mother Nature’s Greatest Sports Arena,” Death Valley National Park. We’ve been producing events here since 1990 and we never tire of sharing one of the world’s most dramatic, inspiring, and unusual landscapes. From desert flowers to snow-capped mountains, we’ll see it all by bicycle. Bring a camera or nobody will believe your stories!

CORPScamp Death Valley features a specific route each day, with route sheets, support vehicle on the course, and two or more ride leaders. The group is encouraged to ride together at a conversational pace for the first ten miles, then everyone is free to ride at their own pace; most routes feature various distance options, too. Each afternoon at CORPScamp features “The Yoga Social” with a rejuvenating yoga class taught by a fellow cyclist. CORPSyoga is designed for all camp participants, regardless of yoga background, or lack thereof, and is designed to help each camper unwind, accelerate recovery for the next day’s adventure, minimize the chance of injury, and rejuvenate and restore energy balance. Social time before and after the actual yoga class gives everyone a chance to swap stories while enjoying herbal tea. Each camp also includes two group dinners, plus optional hikes and other outings. Every activity is optional, though; campers are free to “check out any time you like” if they want a break, extra rest, or private time.

March 31 Hell’s Gate Hundred:

April 21 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic:

October 6-8 Furnace Creek 508 (applications accepted March 5-19 only):
October 27 Death Valley Century, Ultra Century, and Double Century – Fall Edition (entry opens June 1):
Please consider AdventureCORPS in your 2012 ride calendar!  I hope to see you “out there”

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